Setup, Manage and Optimize your amazon PPC campaign.

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Amazon PPC Campaign or Amazon Sponsored ads

I am a certified Amazon PPC Campaign Expert with experience of more than 3 years. I have spent thousands of hours working on AMZ PPC Campaigns and during these hours I worked with various small and large scale AMZ Sellers and helped them to achieve tons of sales and ranking with the lowest possible ACOS through my PPC Techniques.

Here are my steps of PPC Campaign-

 PART 1/6

        Find Good profitable keyword(MAX 45 KW's)

        Ease of ranking score of 50 or higher

        Find main keyword rank for     》 Highest searched &

                                                                     most relevant 

 PART 2/6

       Good pics – especially  1st one 

       Social proof- minimum of 7 reviews. 

 PART 3/6

       Setup two ad campaigns ( $50-100 Budget/day on both)

       #1 Launch only 》 Your main keyword in exact match

       #2 ongoing 》 Will be there forever (you are going to      

       optimize using this)

       Ad campaign》 AD GROUPS 》ADS

 PART 4/6

     Let it run 8-days(DON'T TOUCH)

PART 5/6

     Optimize Keywords

PART 6/6

Take good KW & put them in exact match


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Introduction: My name is Zeeshan, I am Pakistan based Amazon FBA Expert with many successful launches. I will be happy to assist you through your Amazon journey. 

My services include but not limited to: 

1. Seller Central set up

2. Product Research 

3. Sourcing 

4. Packaging 

5. Production

6. Listing and Keyword research 

7. Photography 

8. Pre-shipping Inspection, Shipping & Receiving 

9. Product launch and PPC 

Please see below step-by-step in more details: 

1st Step: Sellers Central Account set up.

2nd Step: Product research. I’ll conduct product research according to your budget, targeting a less competitive niche with a focus on high return on investment and solid profit margins. 

3rd Step: Sourcing. This process includes: supplier research, samples request from multiple manufacturers and consolidation them under one shipment, samples shipping to your doorstep, MOQ and price per unit negotiation. I’ll ensure you are getting the best quality product for the best price. 

4th Step: Packaging. Once we decided on a supplier, I’ll request a packaging template and printing techniques information and connect you to the best in industry packaging design agencies for a reasonable price. It is a hands-off process, I’ll manage this task from the beginning until we have beautiful packaging design ready. 

5th Step: Production. I will follow with the manufacturer on the production process and quality control from day one to meet your deadline and achieve quality expectations. 

6th Step: Listing and Keyword research. While we are waiting for production to be completed I’ll help you to create outstanding and eye-catching Amazon product listing full of important Keywords. I’ll make sure we are doing our best keyword research to use it in your listings title, bullets and backend fields. 

7th Step: Photography. I’ll assist with product photographer research and connect you to the best of the best in the product photography industry and based on your budget. 

8th Step: Pre-Shipping Inspection, Shipping, and Receiving. Once your product is ready, I’ll arrange pre-shipping Inspection, I’ll handle Air or Ocean shipping, Import documentation, customs clearance process, transit tracking, and Amazon Fulfillment Center receiving. 

9th Step: Product launch and PPC. So now your product is live and listing is fully optimized, its time to take your product to the page#1 and activate your PPC campaign, and I am here to help you with both, I’ll take your product to page#1 within 7-10 days and help you with Pay Per Click amazon ads set up. 


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