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Need another set of eye on your manuscript and document? As a writer I know the importance of submitting a polished piece of work. And no matter how many times you check your work, there are, most likely, still typos that spell/grammar check don't detect.

I will both proofread and line edit your work, correcting spelling errors, repeated words, syntax, flow, general grammar issues etc. I will not change the tone of your work. I will ensure it is polished and professional. I will not rewrite or reformat.
I will provide a clean, edited copy of your document.

I DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR EXPECTED WORK. IF YOU NEED SOMETHING ASAP PLEASE LET ME KNOW - I am very flexible and understand the importance of deadlines.

Thank you - I look forward to working with you.
I am always happy to help if I can.. for any request not mentioned in my gig offering, please message me. I am very adaptable and willing to think outside of the box if I can assist a Buyer!
no. I work with words docs or anything i can download in word (i.e text and google docs)
no. You will get quality work for the first time. however, if you catch any error, or something I did not correct ( yes, it has happened... I'm a human ), of course I would be happy to revisit it and make the necessary changes
No. I will make syntax and/or sentence structure improvement, but I do not re-write material. If you used translation software, please message me PIOR to opening an order- most likely you need your document to be re-written and not simply proofread and line edit

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Hey, Shaherbano here

I am an expert editor and proofreader. I am working as a content writer on many other platforms

I am an architecture student and work as an intern architect in firms.

But I love to write  and  edit related task so I am working as a freelancer on many platforms. 

you will enjoy working with me, as I never disappoint you :) ;)



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