"A penchant for the dramatic, a flair for the theatrical, and a variety that would bamboozle your customer and alleviate your marketing to a resounding crescendo… I am your voice!"

We all have a voice… but is your voice: 

  • Confident?
  • Professional?
  • Inspirational?
  • Intelligent?
  • Exciting?
  • Deep?
  • Melodramatic? 
  • Or… like a movie

I have been the voice of several types of media over the years. Now it is your time to make use of my voice and scale new peaks in your marketing and videography!

Experienced in:

  • Youtube videos
  • Explainer videos 
  • Infographics 
  • Commercials 
  • Voiceovers 
  • Podcasts
  • Intros
  • Animations 
  • Impressions 
  • Radio commercials  
  • Instructional videos  
  • Product videos
  • Travel Vlogs

Accolades and Accomplishments:

You're looking at over 4 years of experience in theatre, a plethora of accolades like:

  • National Winner Present Around the World 2019
  • Best Dialogue Delivery ASME Dramatics 2017
  • Best Actor ASME Dramatics 2016
  • Head Media IET UK  
  • Head of Advertisement and Marketing IET UET KSK Chapter UK Branch 
  • Express Tribune 2018 National Debate Champion
  • Best Delegate Award in BECMUN
  • Outstanding Diplomacy award in FORMUN 5 & FORMUN 6
  • 3rd Position in All-Pakistan Declamation Competition 2016
  • Participated in 19th Annual King Edward Medical University Declamation Competition
  • 1st Position in ASME Dramatics 2.0
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role in ASME Dramatics 1.0
  • Invited to IET International Orientation 2017 as Motivational Speaker

You can make use of my talent and skills for your project! Whether it be English or Urdu, I gotchu ;) Whether it be commercials, voiceovers, podcasts, intros, outros, YouTube videos, animations, impressions, radio commercials, explainer videos, instructional videos, infographics, product videos, you name it! Anything from confident, professional, inspirational, intelligent, exciting, deep, melodramatic, childish, old, grumpy, to any sort of accent you want, I can hit it, and boy, can I hit em out of the park!

Please find some of my previous voiceovers on my YouTube channel for your convenience.

Here's what a client had to say about me:

"Mr. Usama is a extremely humble person with quick turnaround time and killer quality audio. I actually gave him a deadline but he was swift in his work and submitted the project before time He's fun and easy to work with. 

It was an awesome experience

Amie T"


english expert

urdu intermediate

Field of Expertise

1. Music & Audio

From 2015 To: 2021

Voice Over Other

2. Video & Animation

From 2016 To: 2020

Live Action Explainers Product Photography Spokespersons Videos Video Editing Other

Other Skills
Dubbing Character Voices Commercials Voiceover Documentary Voiceover YouTube Voiceover Explainer Videos Voiceover
Beaconhouse School System

, Graduated 2002

Beaconhouse Educational Complex

, Graduated 2013

Punjab College Rawalpindi

87, Graduated 2015

UET Lahore Electrical Engineering

2.9, Graduated 2019


Winner Present Around the World (2019) Best Actor Award (2016) Best Annual Play (2017) Head Media and Communications (2019) Head Documentations (2018) Outstanding Diplomacy Award FORMUN'5 (2017) Outstanding Diplomacy Award FORMUN'6 (2018) Outstanding Diplomacy Award BECMUN (2016) Kinnaird College Annual Declamation (2019) 3rd Position Nation-Wide Express Tribune National Debates (2018)