Muhammad Tayyab is a full-stack developer with 6+ years of experience in programming, technology, and design. Muhammad has been responsible for all aspects of client-driven web and mobile projects, including timelines and scope. These projects have used languages and frameworks such as React, JavaScript, Swift, HTML, CSS (Sass), PHP and MySQL. He also works in the Internet of Things world, using Raspberry Pi and Node MCU. He has a passion for creating applications that leverage the latest technologies in the aforementioned tools, frameworks, and languages.


english expert

Field of Expertise

1. Programming & Tech

From 2014 To: 2021

Ecommerce Development Mobile Apps & Web Web Programming Website Builders & CMS

Other Skills
No Skills

75%, Graduated 2016


Android Certfied Developer(ATC1001714) (2017) Android Certified Trainer(ATC1001714) (2017) Digital Marketing (2020) ProjectManagementProfessional(PMP)® (2020) Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform (2020)

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