✅Shahzada ali hassan is a Freelance Web Analyst on Upwork and a Student of Control sciences and Engineering at the Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China. 

✅He has worked with over 120 clients in the past year, earning over 10,000$ and helping over 200 websites to effectively track customer data for their eCommerce store, lead generation, and custom-coded websites on Upwork. Here at ShahzadaAliHassan, Hassan Provides Data Tracking and Web Analytics Services for Websites, Servers, and Mobile Applications. They deal with Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, React, Firebase, and Custom Built websites. 

✅He set up everything using Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager for Facebook pixel as well as the conversion API to track the iOS14+ Apple Users, GA4, UA, GAds Conversion, LinkedIn Conversion, Bings Conversion, Snapchat, Tiktok, and any other analytics platform. They usually take 2 days for CMS and 6 days for custom Built Applications. ‎

✅ Client Reviews: I focus on providing VALUE to all of my Clients and Earning their TRUST. The Client ‎Reviews and Feedback on my Profile are immensely important to me and the value that I provide. I’m new ‎to freelance marketplaces so I’ll be doing my best to get an excellent review from you. ‎

✅ Over-Delivering: This is core to my work as a Freelancer. My focus is on GIVING more than what I ‎expect to RECEIVE. I take pride in leaving all of my Clients saying "WOW"‎ 

‎✅ Responsiveness: Being extremely responsive and keeping all lines of communication readily open with ‎my Clients.‎ 

‎✅ Resilience: Reach out to any of my Current or Former Clients and ask them about my Resilience. Any ‎issue that my Clients face, I attack them and find a SOLUTION.‎ ‎

✅ Kindness: One of the biggest aspects of my life that I implement in every facet of my life. Treat ‎everyone with respect, understand all situations, and genuinely want to IMPROVE my Client's ‎situation.‎ 

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english expert

urdu expert

Field of Expertise

1. Digital Marketing

From 2017 To: 2021

E-Commerce Marketing Social Web Analytics Web Traffic

2. Programming & Tech

From 2017 To: 2021

Data Analysis & Reports Ecommerce Development Web Programming Website Builders & CMS WordPress

Other Skills
Facebook Pixel & CAPI Google Tag Manager Google Analytics 4
GCU Lahore

79%, Graduated 2018

Science Foundation High school Sheikhupura

79%, Graduated 2014


IELTS (2014) LinkedIn Software Dev (2021) IELTS (2021) Google Analytics Certifications (2021)