I'm your writing-ally and writing-buddy. I'm a proficient writer, content editor, copy editor, and proofreader. 

I’m a professional nonfiction editor and writing consultant, and I specialize in academic and business writing. I’ve successfully edited thousands of application essays, term papers, business memos, reports, marketing materials, dissertations, dissertation chapters, academic books, journal articles, poster presentations, resumes, cover letters, and grant/IRB proposals. I also offer consulting services for job applications, college and graduate school admissions, and academic project planning. 

I apply my writing and rhetoric expertise to ensure that my clients’ prose is correct, consistent, and clear. Likewise, I use my extensive knowledge of academic/professional genres and audience expectations to help my clients send the right message in the right words. Many of my clients speak English as a second or third language. With my help, they have earned admission to prestigious academic programs, published their articles in journals, won valuable dissertation awards, landed academic and corporate jobs, and even earned tenure. 

To supplement my edits, I can also offer practical feedback as an educated non-specialist, especially on documents targeting a mix of expert and non-expert readers. I offer several different services, all priced at competitive rates. My editing services include proofreading (fixing errors in spelling and grammar), but that’s only one part of the process. As I edit, I also consider audience expectations, tone, word choice, clarity, logic, and argument structure. I use marginal comments to offer feedback as an educated non-specialist. These comments highlight words or ideas that may confuse your readers, or pose questions that your readers may want you to answer.  

I look forward to serving you. 

List of services relating to proofreading, copy-editing, and re-writing 

- Papers/Essays 

- Literature reviews 

- Discussion section of the thesis/dissertation 

- Conclusion section of the thesis/dissertation 

- Introduction section of the thesis/dissertation 

- Articles/Blogs 

- Journal articles 

- Books 

- Book chapters 

- Theses 

- Dissertations 

- Presentations 

- Cover letters 

- Personal statements 

- Application essay 

- Research Grants/IRB 

- Resumes


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english expert

Field of Expertise

1. Writing & Translation

From 2011 To: 2025

Proofreading & Editing Research & Summaries Resumes & Cover Letters Technical Writing Transcripts

Other Skills
Research Content Editing Copy Editing Proofreading

Gold Medalist, Graduated 2013


Manuscript language (2020) Preparing academic manuscript (2020) Addressing interdisciplinary audience (2020)