Social media isn't my job. It’s my passion. My passion drives me to working hard, pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. I engage my audience with interactive and engaging writing.Attracting and intriguing the right target audience with my creative writing style, the uniqueness of which is fueled through my personality makes me one in 8 billion.
My creative writing style is a mirror of my personality. I am Saad Shahid, capable,creative, determined and full of enthusiasm.I am also a passionate story writer and life coach.

Field of Expertise

1. Programming & Tech

From 2016 To: 2020

Convert Files Data Analysis & Reports Support & IT

2. Digital Marketing

From 2015 To: 2016

Content Marketing Email Marketing Social Web Traffic Media Marketing

Other Skills
Urdu /English Composing Social Media Campaign Translation
University Of Karachi

A, Graduated 2015