Hello! I am an 19 year old self taught graphic designer. I specialise in logos, illustrations, templates and social media posts. An year ago, nobody had the slightest idea of how the world would change like this. However this gave an opportunity to students like me who set out on a journey to find their passion. Luckily, in a small span of time, I found mine, Graphic Designing, all thanks to Alice Thorpe and Shantanu Kumar whose videos inspired me to give my shot at designing. I’ve always believed, the sky is the limit, which is why I never hesitate to extend my boundaries and discover new horizons. Similarly, graphic designing has paved my way to a new dimension where I am able to explore something unique everyday. For me, graphic designing is expressing feelings and emotions through creative and visual art, hidden in every corner of a piece is the idea that influences my perceptions. I use this platform to interact with my consumers through an artistic expression. Feel free to contact me for details.


english expert

Field of Expertise

1. Graphics & Design

From 2020 To: 2021

Business Cards & Stationery Invitations Packaging Design Logo Design Social Media Design
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