Hi, I'm Zeeshan👋

I'm a social media strategist, writer and digital marketing consultant dedicated to helping you solve your most pressing, strategic online marketing problems.  


1. What do I offer as a Social Media Manager?

The reality is, businesses are expected to have and maintain an active social media presence. Without it, credibility is lost, consumer engagement is never formed and your consumers will find other alternatives almost instantly via social media. Unfortunately, small businesses often don’t have the time, manpower or technological savvy to spearhead their own day to day social media presence.

I am reasonably priced with the Small Business budget in mind.

Let me help establish or catapult your virtual professional presence. Together we can accomplish more.  

I can handle your social media business/individual accounts. I can implement growth strategies to make sure significant growth to your social media accounts. I truly believe and respect the worth of time. So, both of your time and money is safe while working with me. 

Highly Experienced With Social Media Platforms: 







Bottom line? If you've got a digital marketing problem— yo, I'll solve it. And I'll make you look good online.


2. What do I offer as Content Writer?

My strengths are in knowing and understanding a topic, either through personal experience in a true life or from research and then writing in a way that the average reader finds interesting and absorbing. Where appropriate, I inject my own form of humour or seriousness. I usually connect with the reader. I edit easily and proofread, also easily. Mistakes tend to jump off the page at me - most disconcerting.

Website Content:

I have you fill out a comprehensive and thought-provoking questionnaire so that by the time I finish reviewing it I know exactly why you stand apart from your competitors. Once I understand that I am able to write a clear and concise message on every page.

Article Writing:

The difference between article writing and blog posts is really the number of words and the overall tone of the writing. In other words, if you need to build trust and credibility on your website, it helps to include several well-researched​ articles about your expertise. This conveys authority and a level of seriousness in the style of writing.  

Blog Posts:

While blog posts can be informative (like articles), there’s an overall goal to connect more with your audience. This is a chance to show your personality and sense of humour (or not) and give a snippet of the culture behind your business. Blog posts are more “shareable” than articles and usually are presented in list format, quick tips, etc.

I consider myself a seasoned, excellent wordsmith capable of producing clear, concise and factually interesting articles/ebooks. I am willing to research and write accurately on diverse topics. I’m an experienced writer with a high standard of English. I am very much able to apply the rules of grammar and syntax correctly and write with flare. 

Let's get started!


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Field of Expertise

1. Writing & Translation

From 2017 To: 2021

Articles & Blog Posts Business Names & Slogans Creative Writing Product Descriptions Proofreading & Editing

2. Digital Marketing

From 2018 To: 2021

E-Commerce Marketing Email Marketing SEO Social Web Traffic

Other Skills
Virtual Assistant

3.71, Graduated 2022

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