I have been writing content as long as I can remember. Actually, scratch that. While that part is ture, it's pretty much been a decade since I took up writing. I knew it was more than just a hobby, and I've always enjoyed telling stories and researching stuff that I don't know much about. It started off with long Facebook posts, then some articles. I, then, took a detour and turned to Twitter for many years. But throughout my journey, I've always been looking for something new and creative.

I offer an array of writing services, mainly consisting of, but not limited to, creative writing and editing. Other than what I've already mentioned, I've worked on speeches, sketches, screenplays, novels, standup routines, professional profiles, and many many more. My default writing style is more or conversational, but I like to follow instructions, so worry not, your business development email will not read the same as the letter for your significant other. I like to take risks and challenge myself, and I make sure to take away as much as I can from each experience. 


english expert

urdu expert

Field of Expertise

1. Writing & Translation

From 2011 To: 2021

Articles & Blog Posts Creative Writing Email Copy Proofreading & Editing Website Content

2. Digital Marketing

From 2018 To: 2021

Content Marketing Email Marketing Marketing Strategy SEO Social

American University of Sharjah

, Graduated 2018

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