I am a corporate and civil lawyer having more than 8 years of hands-on experience in Civil and Corporate laws i.e Family laws, Tax laws, Company laws, Trademark laws, etc.

1) I can represent you in Civil and Criminal cases.
2) I can file your income tax and sales tax returns.
3) I can register your trademark, copyright in Pakistan.
4) I can register your Sole proprietor, company, and partnership, etc in Pakistan.
5) I can give legal advice on your corporate, and commercial legal issues.
6) I can draft legal documents i.e business contracts, agreements, terms, and conditions, employment contracts, vendor contracts, e-commerce contracts, freelance agreements, etc

"I am Acute Intellect for Your  Legal Rights"


urdu expert

english expert

Field of Expertise

1. Business

From 2025 To: 2025

HR Consulting Legal Consulting Financial Consulting Career Counseling

University of Karachi

54, Graduated 2010