I am a Skilled Video Editor who has been editing 

Anime Music Videos and Music Lyric / Spectrum Videos for  4 years.  I will surely make an Anime Music Video with Perfect timings, Story as well as  Plot.  I will include the  Perfect clips, smooth transitions, key sync with Effects overlays.

Reasons to Hire me:

  • I have been editing for 4 years.
  • I use Professional Video Editing Softwares e.g  Sony Vegas pro 13 and Adobe Premier Pro
  • I provide my content in High Quality (720,1080)  May Increase depending upon Original Content source.
  • I create Lyric Videos to match the Vibe  of the song.
  • I always sync each Transition  to match a Beat or Scene .
  • I can create an AMV on any Genre ( Action | Harem | Horror | Thrill | Ecchi)
  • I always deliver on time .

What will u get from my services

  • Smooth Transitions
  • Custom Edits
  • Meme usage if required
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Extra depth for that SENPAI feeling
  • Most importantly Audience attraction

For any queries do contact me.

Prices can be adjusted according to your desired request.


urdu intermediate

english expert

Field of Expertise

1. Video & Animation

From 2018 To: 2021

Game Trailers Intros & Outros Lyric & Music Videos Short Video Ads Video Editing

2. Digital Marketing

From 2020 To: 2021

Content Marketing Social Video Marketing Media Marketing

Other Skills
Anime English Content Writing