I am a passionate Senior IT Consultant working for WEMO Solutions LLC with a strong zeal to work with emerging startups. Although I started my journey as an IT Consultant, I quickly understood that my clients were looking for much more than that (and that I could contribute more than just writing codes). I figured out that most of my client's wanted someone who they could trust as a technical partner for their products. Someone, who can give suggestions right from what tech should be picked up, how to get the UX right, how should we plan the product launch a lot more.

In the last 2 years, I got the opportunity to work with some of the most sophisticated (read complex) web and mobile apps. We went on to create some great products which are changing lives (quite literally). Our company has developed many applications like

* E-commerce
* Social Networks
* Listing Platforms
* Travel
* Manufacturing

Our results and 100+ happy clients clearly indicate that we are exceptional with the below technologies:

JS development:
* React
* Angular
* Node
* Vue

PHP Framework Development:
* Laravel
* Zend
* Yii
* Codeigniter
* CakePHP
* Phalcon

Content Management Systems (CMS)
* WordPress
* Shopify
* Joomla
* Drupal

Mobile Apps
* Android
* iOS
* React-Native
* Ionic
* Cordova/Phonegap

Server and Deployment
* Docker
* Managed Cloud Services
* CI/CD (DevOps)
* Nginx
* Page speed optimization

We love to speak with people and help them with all that we have got. Even today, we as a team get development requests starting as low as $450 to product development requests for as high as $100,000. The best part about all these requests is that regardless of their size, every request is considered with extraordinary care to ensure that the end product is nothing less than phenomenal. We have been enjoying each second of our journey and would love to add a lot of other names to our successful partnerships.


english expert

Field of Expertise

1. Graphics & Design

From 2019 To: 2021

Banner Ads Flyer Design Illustration Logo Design Web & Mobile Design

2. Programming & Tech

From 2019 To: 2021

Ecommerce Development Mobile Apps & Web Website Builders & CMS WordPress

IQRA University

3.4, Graduated 2022

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