Hello, my name is Tauqeer and I am a skilled Frontend and WordPress developer with [number of years] years of experience in the field. I specialize in creating visually appealing and highly functional websites and web applications that provide a seamless user experience.

As a front-end developer, I have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows me to design and develop responsive and interactive user interfaces that are optimized for performance and accessibility. I am also proficient in various frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular, and have experience working with APIs and other third-party services.

In addition, I am a WordPress expert, and I have worked extensively with the CMS to create custom themes, plugins, and functionality for my clients. I am highly proficient in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and I have experience with popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and Gravity Forms.

My skillset also includes a deep understanding of web standards and best practices, as well as knowledge of SEO principles and techniques. I am passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the field, and I am constantly seeking new ways to improve the user experience and functionality of the websites and applications I create.

If you're looking for a Frontend and WordPress developer who can deliver high-quality, responsive, and functional websites and web applications that meet your business needs, then look no further. Let's work together to bring your ideas to life!


urdu expert

english intermediate

Field of Expertise

1. Programming & Tech

From 2018 To: 2021

Mobile Apps & Web Web Programming Website Builders & CMS WordPress


3.0, Graduated 2020