I am a professional iOS Developer with 3+ years of experience with commercial mobile development. I'm highly passionate about writing code, always use the latest approaches and top-notch technologies in my work. Looking for iPhone App Development projects as well as new opportunities for self-development.

I have been working as an iOS developer for several years now, and I have experience with all of the iOS frameworks, as well as the third-party frameworks, using them to bring the app to life.


I have experience with design and development of iOS mobile apps with key expertise in:  

- Swift (Expert)

- XCode/Foundation/ UIKit/CoreData/ CoreAnimation/CoreGraphics  

- Storyboard/XIBs  

- AutoLayout  

- 3rd party libraries/APIs  

- Version control: Git, BitBucket

My some projects which are live on AppStore :


Lyve wallet



english intermediate

urdu expert

Field of Expertise

1. Programming & Tech

From 2018 To: 2021

Other Skills
Ios development

Ios Development (2017)

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