I will write an engaging voice-over script for your youtube video.

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I an experienced freelance writer. I have written many voiceover scripts for YouTube videos. I am more experienced in writing for sports-oriented YouTube channels. I can write 1500 words voices over script for 10$. They will be delivered on the same day as written. The script will be based on topics you provide and will be of Listicle, Newsfeed, Promotional, Business video, Creative video, Funny Informative/Education format. The script will include a call to actions, promotions and tagline to invoke emotions from the audience. I know the script will be time-sensitive so I will try to keep them relevant to current trends as well as deliver them in time as they are completed. I am attaching a sample of my writing if you are interested in hiring me. I hope to build a stronger presence online with your help and produce regular content 

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I am an experienced writer. I have been writing for freelancing for over 2 years. 

I can write professional articles for official use and SEO synchronized articles that will surely gain you web traction.  

My delivery is fast and with unique quality. I am looking forward to your response.  

Do consider me for your position of writer I will provide Unique SEO synchronized articles that appeal to all audiences

I am attaching samples of my writing to show you the quality of my work I hope it suffices your hiring qualification expectations. 





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