I will be your Professional Typist and collect data from different resources

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Hey there! I'm Salman. Welcome to my Gig , I have For more than a decade, I've been typing and I can guarantee my work will be 100% Accurate. I am a computer science student who know a lot about work. I'm a multitasking person and multiple skills. I can do my work in the given time. In this Gig, I want to let you Know about my Skills: i will type your content from "image to word/pdf/Excel". Re-type the book as whole in Word/PDF/Word Pad; type a full PDF file into an editorial file for the Word/Word Pad; type questionnaires, survey formats, applications, etc.; type multiple files into a single file. I will try to give my best. To Hire me, Just Contact be before placing the order for better understanding . After that you ca place your Order. So, Guys what are you waiting for?
No issue dear, still I will accept your order and do the project as usual (given the appropriate delivery time). Just contact me before placing an order and we'll discuss your requirements.
Definitely! I will type all the work manually to prevent errors. Rest assured, your will be delivered on time.
Well, yeah, I do! But the handwritten work should be readable, otherwise I can't work effectively.
Definitely! Just contact me on Savvy and we will discuss your project specifications before placing an order.

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Hi, I'm here to support you. I am a multi-task individual who can give you my many talents that make me special. The question is: why do you recruit me there are others, too But I am a student of Computer Science, I know a lot about job tricks and time management in order to do the task on time. Therefore here's a rundown of my services that I offer:

  • Web Development
  • Data Entry
  • Proofreading
  • Editing in Word Document
  • Web Scrapping
  •  Image to Word Document
  • Typing or Copy Paste Jobs and File Conversions
  • Books to Word 

I can copy type from PDF, .JPEG, .PNG, Excel, web sites, or any other kind of documents.

You will receive:

  1. High-Quality Deliverable
  2. On-time Delivery in
  3. 100% Confidentiality
  4. Revisions Provided
  5. Money-Back Guarantee


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