I'll create 10 eye-catching Pinterest pins in 2 days for any blog post to get you 100s of clicks!

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Do you keep sharing content on Pinterest but have a super low CTR (click-through rate)? Pinterest algorithms have changed drastically in 2020. Now need a consistent plan to create & publish new pins regularly. And coming up with new designs DAILY can be quite hectic. So let me help you with it! I can create all kinds of pins including lists, videos, standard pins, and quotes, on any lifestyle topic. Send a link to your blog post with your special brand requirements, and I'll get started right away. Creating consistent pins is the perfect way to leverage Pinterest's "evergreen content" policy. Viral pins can bring you traffic for YEARS... if they're attention-grabbing, properly branded, and offer value to your audience. Many of my pins have gone viral within a day because of their unique, readable designs with a feminine touch (proof in my portfolio). All elements including music, icons, images, video clips etc are 100% licensed. Available formats are PNG, JPG, and MP4. I'll send you ready-to-publish files within the required time-frame.
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100 Best Iron Rich Foods You Should Eat Daily

Here's one of my most popular articles (with 800+ social shares) about the 100 best food sources with high iron for women.

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8 Serious Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Women

In this article with over 100+ shares, I described the 8 subtle signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency in women, backing each point with relevant evidence.

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Signs of Gestational Diabetes

In this article, I've described the common symptoms of gestational diabetes or diabetes in pregnancy. It has received over 50+ shares on social media.

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Infographic - 100 Best Iron Rich Foods

This infographic got me 600+ link clicks in 4 months! I can create similar infographics for your articles to make them evergreen and shareworthy.

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Pinterest Pin Image - 10 Symptoms of Heart Attack

This pin design got me 300+ link clicks in 1 day! I can create similar Pinterest pins for your articles to make them click-worthy and eye-catching.

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Pinterest Pin Image - 14 Subtle Signs of Diabetes in Women

I published this pin on Dec 8, 2020, and so far have 700+ link clicks! If these are the stats that you'd love to see, I can create similar jaw-dropping Pinterest Pins for you.

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Are you looking for a freelance health writer to boost your product sales + website traffic? 🌟

Luckily, your hunt ends here! I'm Sabika, a biomedical engineer turned freelance health writer with 5+ years of experience.

I specialize in creating informative, engaging, & high-quality health blogs for health & wellness brands in a variety of niches, including food and nutrition, diseases, disorders, pregnancy, sleep health, and more.

Other Services:

  • Need someone to revamp your existing blogs? I'm also a thorough content editor & detail-oriented proofreader, who can repurpose your content and make it evergreen!
  • If you sell products, I can also write compelling affiliate articles, product reviews, and product descriptions.
  • I'm also a Pinterest graphic designer and can create eye-catching and click-worthy Pinterest Pins for any lifestyle blog! Check out my portfolio for proof.

In short, my content will help you:

✅ Win new customers/clients 

✅ Improve your online visibility & engagement (w/o spending on ads!)

✅ Boost website traffic (organically)

So, do you wish to publish consistent quality health blogs without worrying about time, grammar, research, and factual accuracy? Then drop me a message. 🙂


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