I will do your Data Analysis projects

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Hey there, I am Saad, an undergraduate student and I am playing with python for three years now, I will do data analysis, visualization project for you.

You can checkout my previous works here: https://github.com/MSaaad

Python Knowledge I have:

 - Python basics

 - Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

 - Algorithms of Data Structures

 - Desktop Applications with Tkinter

 - Use of different ML and data analysis libraries (Numpy, Pandas etc)

My services include:

 - Basic python scripts

 - Helping you in coding your Python Assignment and Task

 - Data structures & Algorithms, OOP concepts

 - Complete Desktop Applications

 - Logical, complex problems, User interactive programs, filing

 - Login/Signup Forms

 - Helping you in python task

Reasons for hiring me?

 - Delivery on time

 - 24/7 availability

 - 100% quality work

 - Good communication skills

Please contact me before placing order :)

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Hey, I'm a CIS engineer pursuing my degree in NED university, with more than 3 years of experience in python, data analysis, web designing and development on various platforms, tools and languages. I build professional, responsive, pleasing to the eye and aesthetically pleasing websites from scratch or can edit any current website or can fix bugs on any website.


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