I will Design and Develop a responsive web App in bubble.io From scratch to end product

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I'm a software engineer and working as a full-stack developer.

I will design and develop a web app or web application for you in Bublle.io.

Your work will meet the criteria defined by you and with the least time and budget. As the bubble is a powerful low code app development platform.

Please Take a look at Bubble.io if you don't know it. It's the MVP trending product in low code development is the solution to deploy your business idea, solve a business problem in less time and in an effective way.

All type of use-cases is implementable whatever they the complexity level Is. On bubble.io you can handle all hassles on one platform.

other than this hire me for coaching purpose in bubble.io if you need.


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I'm a Graduate of Software Engineering my expertise are in PYTHON, JAVA, NLP, Machine Learning and In web development, my expertise is in BUBBle.io instead of WordPress and also I'm learning in fluter but at the moment it is not up to mark.


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