Professional Native android Developer with two years of coding experience in Android, Java and Firebase

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If you are looking for someone who is available for you when you need them then I am the guy you should hire.

I take my work very seriously specially the satisfaction of my clients. Feel free to contact if you have any idea and you want to convert it into an app

and I will do my best to satisfy you. 

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Hi there and welcome to my profile

I am a native Android Developer with front and backend expertise. I have been working on android Framework for about 2 years and I am loving it.

Keeping myself up to date with upcoming libraries and API's. Expert in java coding and debugging. I can read java code like an essay and can manipulate/handle code very well by following best practices. For handling backend/Server side I am pretty good at using  Firebase and its features.

Feel free to contact me and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Can't wait to work for your amazing app idea.


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