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I can make illustrations for you, with basic 2D animation and make posters, GIFs, infographics, themes, and other designs for your social media (and website). I can also provide you with the EPS and PSD files along with the final product on delivery if requested. If you're starting a business, I can help you do branding, selecting the colours and themes, and design a logo for your business.

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Hi, I'm Mashal!

I'm a Media and Communication graduate from NUST, with a specialization in Media Production and Film. I'm working to become  a visual storyteller and expand that storytelling to the digital marketing landscape.

I currently work as a digital marketer in a tech firm called Inbox Business Technologies, Dawood Hercules Group. Preciously, I've worked as a content writer and designer for both local and international clients. 

I can do the following for you:

  • Content Writing (Articles, Blogs, Web Content, Social Media, Editing)
  • Copy Writing (Social Media Copy, Docu-Ad Scripts)
  • Digital Marketing (Branding, Strategy, Content)
  • Graphic Designing (Illustrations, Posters, Flyers, GIFs)
  • Videography (Script, Direction, Storyboarding, Shot Division-ing, Video Editing).


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