I will data collection, natural language processing task for you

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Hope you are doing well!

I can do the following tasks very easily of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Deep Learning

    1) Tokenization
    2) POS Tagging
    3) Stemming
    4) Feature Extraction -- TF-IDF
    5) Text/Document Classification System
    6) BERT -- Classification problem
    7) SVM
    8) MLP
    9) Multinomial Naive Bayes
    10) Word2Vec
    11) Dataset Collection both manually and web-scraping

Give at least one chance to show my skills. Have a nice day!

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I encode myself in the very most passionate Software Engineers. I have been working with both local and overseas companies. I'm fully trained, as a Student at ITU, to voluntarily accept challenges, and meet deadlines with quality of performance and presentation. Barely knowing code, I make my work done that is consistent in quality because the mere code is no code at all. Moreover, I'm also a team player and I know how to meet goals along with environmental challenges and pressure. 


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