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I will design a WordPress website for you that will be quick and secure. The site can be a Blog, an E-commerce website, a Portfolio or a Personal website. I will try and deliver these before the deadlines I've set for myself but some things will be required from the clients.

1- A domain and hosting that's been bought and set-up ( SSL, DNS and WordPress installation)

2- The color codes/ schemes/ and theme.

3- The logo ( if there is any)

4- The purpose for which the website is being made.

5- Any sample sites that you want yours to look like ( a source for inspiration of sorts)

6- Any other specific elements that you require ( like sliders or payment method set-ups)

Yes! I prefer to meet the client via Zoom and make a note of the exact requirements of the kind of website they require
Not really, No. I will provide assistance and support by having a meeting to let you know how to use the website ( add blogposts or products etc) and not interfere with its already existing structure. I can also let you know how to conduct updates and create back-ups of your website.

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I am a WordPress Website Designer who can work with several page builders like Brizy, Divi and Elementor. I can deliver a website that is not only secure, responsive and fast but also the one that pleasing to look at for the users.


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Shumail Tariq
- 2 years ago

Ans is trustworthy, professional, easy going, and very helpful. He certainly put in the effort to make everything right. I will definitely recommend him to friends!

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Waqar Rizvi
- 2 years ago

The process was great and he was helpful with offering options and suggestions