I will help you with maths and calculus problems in 2 hours

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I can provide solutions to your maths problems/assignments/tests in a couple of hours.

I have an A* in both O'levels and A'levels Maths, and I took plenty of Mathematics courses during my undergraduate. These include:

- Calculus
- Linear Algebra
- Game Theory
- Mathematical Application in Economics
- Probability
- Statistics and Data Analysis
- Operations Research
With this experience, I can help students struggling with mathematics, whether they are in middle school, high school or undergraduate, and help them get their desired grades with a better understand of the subject.

I provide solutions to:

- questions
- assignments
- tests
- or a topic the student finds difficult

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I am a recent gradute with a degree in Economics and background in Mathematics, Statistics and Psychology. I have an interest in research and data analysis. I also enjoy being creative and doing work that requires creativity, like logo designing, video editing etc.


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ali raza
- 2 years ago

Knew exactly what i wanted and exceeded my expectations. Loved it. I would highly recommend him.