I will write interesting and informative blogs and articles. I am also running a blogging account on instagram.

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Before hopping in on Savvy, I had done freelancing practise from Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Opting for different projects from these groups earned me a quite handsome income with a thrilling experience. Electrical Engineer by profession, I am trained to strive under pressure and capable of making effective eleventh-hour decisions.
If we'll work together, I am quite sure that you won't be regretting giving me work. Looking forward to working with you.

I've written several blogs on different topics. I have the ability to write effective content on a vast range of topics. Alhamdulillah

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Hannan here, an enthusiast who wants to look green flag high and high. As everyone knows there are a lot of other freelancing marketplaces but for a newbie, landing feet is very difficult so first I went for Facebook and WhatsApp groups and took freelancing projects. With a handsome success and good reputation there, now I am here rendering my services. Although, just with an experience of a bit more than a year but with handsome success earned on the other 2 platforms, I am sure of winning hearts here also. 

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