I will proof read and rewrite for you as well as write articles and product descriptions or reviews

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Proof reading and rewriting can be a tough task when you have so much to do. I am a writer as well as an aspiring poet and can do this task for you effectively. You'll have to send me the details and I'll give my best. If you want to make any changes or need any help you are free to text me. The packages are an idea and if there's work more or less I'll set the charges accordingly. My customers and their ease is my very first priority and I'll try my level best.

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I have completed my intermediate and I am studying BS English Language and Literature from Numl (Islamabad). I have good speaking skills and writing skills and I want myself to be alot better and I think savvy is the best platform for me. I want to earn and become an independent woman who doesn't need anyone to pay for her. I want my father and mother to be proud of me. Content writing and article writing jobs as well as preparing something on world document is very easy for me. I'll be very happy to use my skills for my betterment and for those who are around me. 

A politician once said “Give me well educated mothers and I'll give you well educated society.” 

Women around me are suffering and I don't want to be one of them. I dont want to have future that is dependent on someone who barely knows me. My writing skills are good and I'll do my very best to perform tasks that are given to me. 



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