I will professionally mix and master your song

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Full Mixing and Mastering services.

You will get professionally mixed and mastered songs, ready for publishing and distribution.

Services included in Full mixing and mastering packages:

  • Equalizer (EQ)
  • Level Balancing
  • Compression
  • Multiband Compression
  • Saturation
  • De Esser (If needed)
  • Stereo Panning
  • Automations (Volume, Panning, Effects, etc.)
  • Autotune (If needed, and if you would like it to be used)
  • Reverb, Delay and a lot of other effects
  • And everything that is offered in the mastering package.                      

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I am a singer/songwriter, musician, music producer, guitarist, pianist, drummer, and sound engineer from Lahore. I have worked with the most prominent musicians all across the country and the world. I can make any kind of sad, romantic, rock, pop, rap, EDM, Dance, and hip-hop music, and make cover songs for people. I can Mix the voice of people with any kind of music and make it sound good. I have my own home studio, All I need is people sending me their voice recorded on their phone and I can make it into a song. I can help people make a cover or an original song and show their talent to the world, grow their fanbase, and be recognized as a singer. I use the most advanced software, plugins, and VSTs for music production and mixing mastering. So basically, what I'm gonna do is help people make Songs at a very affordable price to showcase their talent


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