Review or Completely Revamp CV/Cover Letter/Resume/LinkedIn

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Under the ambit of EdCheck, we aim to provide a platform for individuals to be relieved of the burden of refining and carefully curating their professional documents. 

We understand the burden of creating professional documents therefore, we put in the hard work, effort, research and tireless hours on your behalf. 

Each of our services are unique in their own way and we attempt to individualise each client's professional documents in line with their strengths and career field.
Please fill out the google form linked below and provide us with the relevant information:
We request that you give us a time of 24 hours to respond to you with further details/queries.
Our company policy requires an advance of 50% and 50% is to be paid upon delivery of the document.
We aim to provide you with a value for the price you have paid. Our core values are framed around your individualistic needs and we carefully curate and research each document.

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I am the founder of a venture known as EdCheck where the main aim is to provide a platform for individuals to review and curate their professional documents such as CV's, Resumé's, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles. 

In a fast-paced work environment, it is essential to portray yourself in the best possible light. It is our understanding that many individuals have the skill and work experience however, they are unable to portray themselves adequately. We can help them overcome this issue! 



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- 3 years ago

Myra completely revamped my CV and made it look very presentable. Rates are also very good, highly recommended!

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Aysha Ahsan
- 2 years ago

Very good work, 10/10 for sure