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Social media isn't my job. It’s my passion. My passion drives me to working hard, pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. I engage my audience with interactive and engaging writing. Attracting and intriguing the right target audience with my creative writing style, the uniqueness of which is fuelled through my personality makes me one in 8 billion.
My creative writing style is a mirror of my personality. I am Babar AMIR, capable, creative, determined and full of enthusiasm. I am also a passionate story writer and life coach.

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I am working as a business analyst and have Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Finance. I have extensive experience and knowledge of MS Excel or Google spreadsheets. 

You will get fast and satisfying MS Excel or Google spreadsheet with powerful formulas and graphs. I offer a fast and satisfactory solution for your needs. 

For more than 10 years I have used MS Excel in my job and in private. MS Excel data entry and analysis of data into meaningful business insights is one of my daily work in my job, so I am up to date to the latest excel functions and have profound experience in it.

Services that I will be offering are mentioned below,

  • Data Entry in Excel spreadsheet
  • Data Visualization and data analysis
  • Charts and graphs
  • Basic and advanced formulas
  • Pivot tables
  • Conditioning formatting
  • Vlookup/Hlookup
  • Conversion from PDF to Excel
  • Image to Excel
  • Word to Excel
  • Eliminating duplicate entries
  • Deleting unfilled rows
  • Automatic formula sheets
  • And much more

I am also an experienced CV creator, and make highly professional CV which makes you stand out from other job applicants and helps you to land a job more quickly. 

Customer satisfaction and timely completion of task are my highest priorities. Feel Free to contact me for discussing your projects, I am available for answering your queries and reviewing your issues.      


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