I will write a scary horror story or novel

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Are you looking for someone to help you create that scary ghost story you've always feared in the back of your thoughts? Well, look no further! I am a professional writer with years of experience in this particular sub-genre. I can write short stories as well as novels.


I will ghostwrite your horror story for you. No limits on the subject matter, don't hold back! Be it zombies, ghosts, slashers, demons/devils, vampires, werewolves or any other creature lurking in the shadows, I will craft a hair-raising bone-chilling scary story of your nightmares!


I can write:


  • Horror Story / Scary Story
  • Thriller
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy Novel
  • Science Fiction
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Gothic Horror


And many more! I can ghostwrite spooky, creepy and unsettling stories that will leave you wanting for more!


I can work with pretty much anything you give me, be it character, plot outline, setting, or just your random ideas which you can see taking place in a story. If you need extra words or a package that doesn't meet your requirements, hit me up and we can discuss it in detail and I can present you with a custom order.


Order now for a top-notch experience!

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Hi there! I am a professional writer with years of impeccable experience. I have written countless essays, articles, short stories, eBooks as well as novels, many of which have been published. I have previously offered my services on various platforms but this is the first time that I'm trying Fiverr. I hold a degree in Masters of English Literature. The sub-genres of fiction that I'm interested in are (but not limit to), horror, romance, science fiction, fantasy, thriller as well as mystery. I perfectly know how to mold my words such that my readers can not help but go on reading.


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