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*****5+ Years Exp*** 100+ Videos Edited*** 30+ Produced******

I'm a professional Filmmaker. I've been making videos since I was 16 years old.

I really love my job and I work with devotion.

With video editing, I also have interest in graphic designing and can edit pretty much everything on Photoshop and can create illustrations.

What I can help you with:


Short films

Music video


Color grading

Sound design etc

almost every kind of video editing and post-production.


I can retouch your photos and also create cool Logos !

One professional might assume it would be obvious to add a call to action page at the end while the other would be upset that we had done something we weren’t asked to do. Because of this, We require our clients to tell us what they want done. It’s the only way to serve such a wide spectrum of clients with different tastes/styles, editing preferences, and clientele.
Video editing requires a very strong computer system. If your computer is not “top of the line” it may take hours upon hours for your computer to edit your video and it may not render the way you expect. We only use professional grade software and equipment, which insures your video will look the way you want it to.
Yes, using special software we can digitally enhance your video to adjust, color, brightness and contrast. Although we cannot make a night scene seem like daylight, you will notice an improvement.
I will upload your video on google drive or i will send your video on any platform you want

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Salam to all, I am from Hyderabad, Sindh. I have 6 years of professional video editing experience. I can edit wedding videos, documentaries, short films and much more. I can turn your simple video into a professional/cinematic video.


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