I will build and design a website with WordPress API or headless CMS and react JS

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Modern, Secure And Robust Website And Web Application!

Quality work and your satisfactory experience is guaranteed

Hey! Looking for a web developer who can provide modern and responsive design, performance, ranking and security?

  • Backend + Frontend development
  • Full Stack Web App(JAMStack)
  • Multiple API Integration
  • Database integration & migration
  • Authentication
  • Developing components / pages / APIs

Technologies stack:

---You will be 100% satisfied here---

  • React JS, Next JS
  • Firebase, Rest APIs
  • Express JS, Feather JS, Node JS
  • Django Rest Framework, FastApi
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, FaunaDB, Redis
  • Formik, React Form hooks, Yup
  • Redux & Redux Toolkit
  • Material UI, React Bootstrap
  • HTML5 & CSS3

Website will be build with modern Reactjs/Nextjs on the Frontend plus Firebase/custom Api.

All packages will contain the following:

  • Clean, Elegant & Responsive Design
  • Social Link Integration
  • Security & Speed Optimized
  • SEO and Google Adwords friendly website.
  • Customized design

Please contact me before placing an order. To discuss your model, so we can choose the best stack suitable for you.

SEO is not included in basic and standard pkg.

Domain and hosting should be provided

The modern way to build Websites and Apps that delivers better performance. Enables us to build best web apps plus it cuts cost for deployment.

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I'm a Full Stack Web Developer & API Developer plus Integrator. I have expertise in building SPA, PWA, SSR, SSG, SaaS, E-commerce, CMS/Headless CMS, API development and integration & JAM stack.

I love working with new libraries and frameworks.

 My expertise includes:  Django, Flask, Node, Express.js, Feather.js, Vue.js, React.js, Next.js, Redux, Styled components, Material-UI, AuthO, Firebase, CMS (WordPress), Headless CMS e.g (Strapi, ContentFul), Rest APIs as well as experience in Database creation and management (SQL & NoSQL) and the list goes on. 

Design Libraries (Material UI, Styled Components, Tailwind CSS, motion): 

  • ✔ Advance forms with validation 
  • ✔ Fully Responsive Website (mobiles, tablets, & desktop)
  • ✔ Custom website
  • ✔ Professional and modern layout 
  • ✔ Full website creation. 
  • ✔ Fixing bugs (responsive, removing etc) 
  • ✔ Creating, updating, deleting existing sections, pages, forms, menus, etc.
  •  ✔ Adding sliders, forms, menus, sidebars, footer, etc. 
  • ✔ Animations. 

Why hire me?

  • * I have experience in my field. 
  • * Fast premium and modern SEO friendly, single page application using react and next JS. 
  • * Customer support provided to the customer after a project is completed. 
  • * Before starting a project, I always like to communicate about the project in detail with the client, and also if required I provide suggestions too, to improve the existing work. 
  • * I keep on updating the client about the progress of the work. 
  • * Client Satisfaction is my first priority. 
  • * I like to develop a sense of trust and reliability between me and my client.

 Thank you.  


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