About Us

Savvy was launched in 2020 with the vision to digitize and reimagine how MENA & South Asia works by redefining traditional process flows. To achieve this we established a structured local platform for the growing yet scattered freelance community of the region, to connect with businesses and individuals with digital needs.

To facilitate this process, we have provided three separate paths for getting work done. These include directly browsing and purchasing listed gigs, posting jobs and receiving offers, and finally contacting Team Savvy directly for customized plans. All Freelancers in our Savvy family are experienced and talented in their respective fields. Our emphasis on quality of work and thorough vetting of Freelancers means that selling services on our platform is a privilege that is earned. We will continuously strive to innovate and deliver a great experience for all our users. In return we hope that we will receive support and constructive feedback from our community that enables us all to flourish together.

Savvy at a Glance
Savvy’s aim is to provide a marketplace for freelancers to connect with clients in a seamless manner. Savvy was founded with the aim of bringing together freelancers and clients in the environment of the region where the freelancing market was not regulated. It was started by individuals who saw first hand the problems and issues that plagued the freelancers of our region and worked to solve this through providing a reliable platform for freelancing. 

For Freelancers

Savvy freelancers are called ‘Specialists’. Specialists are provided total access to a robust list of individuals directly accessing a large client list. Specialists can use both options to get jobs, either bid on a project posted by a client or be contacted directly by a client who buys their gig from the marketplace. Once the order is placed Savvy provides you tools to fulfil the project, upload relevant documents and correspond with the client. Savvy uniquely approaches this space to provide individuals and businesses to benefit from a large variety of services that they provide.

A Robust Platform

Savvy is created with the aim of allowing individuals to gain projects for their skills and for people to find exactly who they need for a particular project.

Savvy includes 8 different categories from digital marketing to lifestyle and video making. Savvy includes a rating and scoring system out of five stars that informs you about the best freelancers to hire. Along with that it keeps Savvy specialists on their toes to maintain the quality of their work and high scores. Savvy includes a robust payment system that stores money in an online wallet which transfers directly to your preferred mode of payment. The clients are also able to securely pay in a way that ensures the freelancer will be provided the funds only when the order has been fulfilled to the liking of the client. 

Business Savvy

Business Savvy is a premium service for businesses who wish to use the services from the robust and highly talented Savvy team to help with a specific project. This is especially effective for businesses that wish to have a particular project done or require assistance that they could not be given through a single specialist from the Savvy marketplace. Satisfied clients of Business Savvy include the United Nations, Development Programme, Reckitt Benckiser, SWVL, Ilara Health, Find My Doctor, Nexus Capital, Crème 21, TPL Logistics, Salman Sufi Foundation, Revlon and several others. 

Proudly Yours,
Team Savvy.