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Hi, I'm Aimen and I'm a freelance video and photo editor. And guess what? I can also draw both digitally and in real life. And I heard having digital arts on Instagram is a must have now so thats what I'm here to provide for you. My gig has 2 parts which differentiate on the basis of only the number of artworks provided. You can get these artworks as a gift or just as having rights to yourself aswell.

I have been editing for the better part of the last 6 years and those mostly include my own pictures to help run my photography Instagram but for the past 2 years, I have been able to get some experience as a concert photo editor, architecture, and property photo editing. At the same time I started drawing digital portraits as a hobby and can say have gotten good at it so If you do require your digital artworks then I reckon contacting me for further negotiations and giving me your thoughts.  Another set of stuff I can promise you with my gig is that smooth and excellent communication will be offered and your creative views will be kept in mind. I can also ensure you that I will try my best to provide the finished results as quick as possible as to not cause any troubles on my end. Hope you have a great day. Thank you.

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My name is Aimen and I'm a dental student. I started working on taking good pictures and editing them about 6 years ago and that has given me a lot of experience in product photography and editing pictures for commercial and personal use ( weddings,birthdays,casual ) and so now to support my self financially I want to able to pursue the hobby of photo and video editing as a side gig thing and that is where savvy comes in


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