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I have previously worked with Magazine in editing their Unboxing Videos which were dubbed so it required Sound Mixing. Other than that color grading was also required for the videos. The videos were shot by the Magazine and I edited the videos. I was required to edit videos within a day or 2 with Revisions. Currently I worked with YouTubers in editing their videos which is fun. 

Here I will work on my own so I will be at liberty and work with all my heart. I will always be available for my client. 

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I have invested in creating content since I was kid. My interests in content creation grew as time passed by and I trained myself in this field as time passed by. I have an Instagram Page as @zindagaanii if you wish to check my work out please click on the link provided below. I am a student of Film Studies hence my video editing skills are up to the par. 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOEjsVeLNC2n_jKVhC21yFA

Instagram: instagram.com/zindagaanii



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