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Will design a content creation calendar for your social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) marketing. Will include catchy phrases, one liners, hashtags, story ideas, interactive polls, post themes, etc. Subject to change according to the requirements of the client as well. Can be custom-tailored to fit client needs and requirements. Specialized in business information and gaining traffic on your media platforms.

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Growing up in Karachi, a city so fast-paced, it's no wonder I like to keep my hands full! Currently a final year Accounting & Finance student at IBA, I have a keen inclination towards marketing and I love gaining as much exposure in the field as possible.

I have a strong passion for writing, so I keep myself busy with running my own blog, freelance writing and internships in the creative writing side. My experiences include working with Dr. Ishrat Hussain's Team for the marketing of his book The Economy of Modern Sindh, CIRCLE Women as their Social Media Strategist, and as content director for numerous conferences in my university.

Last summer I decided to expand my horizons and intern in digital marketing at HBL, which was a very fruitful experience. There I was responsible for BAU emailers and posters, communications with the marketing agency, and social media posts. 

With my attention to detail, punctuality, and organization skills, I believe I have a strong work ethic that gets the job done, whatever it may be!

I believe in giving my 110% to each role that I am appointed. And after that, well, onto the next thing! 


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