I will draft customize contracts and agreements, Terms and conditions, and Privacy Policy, etc

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Contract and agreements are mandatory to be inked between the parties to establish rights. Agreements and contracts protect your rights and interests. A strong, potent, and robust agreement avoid conflict of interests and save you from getting into legal consequences and losing your rights.

I will write your agreement/contract as per the prevailing law of your state and as per the requirements of your rights attached to your contract. I will draft an effective contract that will suit your requirements. Following are the contract and agreements to choose from.

Independent Contractors Agreement

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Sales Agreement

Service Agreement

Purchase Agreement

Non- Disclosure Agreement NDA

Employment Contract

Lease Agreement

Shareholders Agreement

Investment Contract

Operating Agreement

Legal Letters

Website Development Agreement

Software Development Agreement

Marketing Service Agreement

Freelance Agreement

Lease Agreement

Rental Agreement

Partnership Agreements

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I am a corporate and civil lawyer having more than 8 years of hands-on experience in Civil and Corporate laws i.e Family laws, Tax laws, Company laws, Trademark laws, etc.

1) I can represent you in Civil and Criminal cases.
2) I can file your income tax and sales tax returns.
3) I can register your trademark, copyright in Pakistan.
4) I can register your Sole proprietor, company, and partnership, etc in Pakistan.
5) I can give legal advice on your corporate, and commercial legal issues.
6) I can draft legal documents i.e business contracts, agreements, terms, and conditions, employment contracts, vendor contracts, e-commerce contracts, freelance agreements, etc

"I am Acute Intellect for Your  Legal Rights"


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