I will setup, manage and optimize your Listing and PPC campaign ads

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AMZ PPC Setup & Management: Boost Sales Up and Lower Your ACoS

Increase Sales With Fine Tune PPC Campaign Sponsored Ads Setup For Your Business.

Working since 2017 for AMZ PPC Ads, with overall 8 years Experience in IT.

Experience of many projects completed on different platforms so far, worked on multiple products to generate tons of sales and revenue to promote AMZ store via Sponsored, Display and Brand Ad Campaigns.

AMZ PPC marketing strategy is based on sound principles. First, we set realistic goals based on your budget and specific needs.

PPC Campaign Setup

  • Keywords research based on search volume, competitor analysis and product relevancy
  • Finding similar and relevant products to target for ads
  • Setup keyword match types -- Broad, Phrase and Exact (No duplicate keyword for each match type)
  • Initial Campaign Setup Includes: Auto, Manual (Keywords Targeting and Product Targeting) Campaigns
  • Setting up strategic dynamic bids and placement Bids settings

AMZ PPC Ads Management

  • Make Strategies to get more Sales
  • Report analysis and set up new campaigns
  • Keep Optimizing campaigns to keep ACoS low.
  • Scaling up PPC campaigns to increase Sales.

Every Product is different and requires different strategy. First, i will do market and competitor Analysis and search out how many ASINs competing on relevant keywords. Budget will be decided after complete research.

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Hi There! 
Hope you are having a great day. Muhammad Sami Ullah is here to assist you to achieve your sales goals. 
I am an Amazon FBA expert and have a great experience of years in handling the Amazon Seller central. 

My Expertise: 

Competitor and Market Analysis 
-Keyword Research and Reverse ASIN research Listing Optimization (SEO) 
-Including Titles, Bullets, Description (Optimization strategy) 

PPC Advertising Management 
-Including Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads 
-Organic Ranking Strategies. 

Amazon Promotions Management 
-Early review program, Vine, Coupons and Social Coupons. 

Amazon Inventory management 
-Stock management including shipping plans 

Amazon Reports Management 
-Daily ,weekly and monthly sales reports. 
-PPC reports. 
-Keywords ranking Reports in proper MS-Excel Format. 

What i Have.! 

I have all purchased tools subscriptions 
-Jungle Scout 
-Viral Launch 
-Merchant Word Pro 
-Amazon Scout 

So, let’s do a detailed Conversation to grow your business and transfer your work stress from yours to Mine 😊 

Muhammad Sami Ullah


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