I will do targeted b2b lead generation and linkedin lead generation

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I'm the Expert in Targeted Lead Generation, B2B, web research, web research, Market research, Targeted lead age, information section, information assortment. 

I convey the leads that your outreach group needs to zero in on deals discussions and planned deals arrangements. You should disclose to me your objective market and I will go get it. With an attention on lead quality. 

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Leads from LinkedIn 

from any web-based media 

Chief, Manager, chief, VP, president messages, and LinkedIn profile assortment. 

Assortment of C-levels Designation with messages. 

discover association degree on Linkedin 

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take care of job in an expert manner 

master in web exploring

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My name is Saira. I am a CS student with an expertise in Lead Generation, Digital Marketing and content writing . I have worked with many companies over past 4 years as a lead generation expert and have helped many businesses in marketing their products. I am also a wordpress developer and have a solid grip over HTML, CSS, JSX and JavaScript. Making interactive and responsive pages for websites,Writing extraordinary scripts and articles are also included in my expertise.


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