I will create a stunning commercial brand video

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The world has become digital.
Do you need a high-quality commercial or explainer video like the one you see above?
This will help a lot in promoting your product, brand, service, business, startup, website, or app.

We know how to build a brand or revitalize an existing one.

My work includes:

Script Writing 
Licensed Voiceovers
Stock Clips & Pics
Stock Music
Video Concept
Video Editing

I will create a professional video with relevant licensed stock footage from my extensive library for your script, along with voiceover, licensed music, transitions, kinetic texts & graphics, and more!

For longer videos, text me and we will arrange a custom offer.


1. Send me your script (if you have one). But, if you don't have a script, provide a few details and I'll use my expertise to create one.
2. Select the running time you want for the commercial.
3. Place the order. Then I proceed straight into working on your video.
4. I deliver the video before the deadline & you can ask for unlimited free revisions.
5. When you are fully satisfied, we finish the deal!

Simple, fast, no headaches for you! Give your project in the hands of real creative professionals!
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Video Editing

We are always excited to work with clients where it could test our abilities as great video makers. We worked with Nanohydrate, which is an electrolyte soft drink comapany. We prepared a script according to their brand to give a clear message to their customers with all text animations and graphics motion according to their brand guidelines.

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I have never considered making business commercials for brands as my job. It is my passion to help a business get discovered and gain recognition through my high-end editing talent. I have been a professional filmmaker for years in Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop. I love finding creative solutions in how to get the best result of the raw footage. From editing to finalization. Color correction, motion graphics and more. As an organized and highly creative individual, I love to champion brilliant editing ideas that deliver a first class results and the challenge of working in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment.


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