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Over 3 years of strong experience as Full Stack web developer with solid understanding of front - end technologies, MVC frameworks, Restful web services and Data Base designing.

Strong knowledge in MERN Stack with vast experience in building Web Applications, used React.js for client side, Node.js/Express for server side and MongoDB, SQL Server for database.

Expertise in using React.js/Redux to build User Interface, strong knowledge of state store, middleware, action creator, reducer and container.

Expertise in using Grid Controls, jQuery and DOM manipulations, worked with CSS preprocessor LESS/SASS to improve maintainability of CSS.

Extensive experience in developing Restful web services with Express and NodeJS.

Strong knowledge of MongoDB as well as SQL server, experienced with (Mongoose plugin, Mongo Client) and write SQL queries, stored procedures and data base normalizations.

Deep understanding with advanced Javascript concepts, such as Prototype, Closure, Scope Chain and Promise

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I've been developing web applications for 2 years on Mern stack technologies. I'm really handling well both frontend using React.js, Javascript, Next js, Graphql Client and backend Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

Have a deep understanding of related technologies which are closely connected with frameworks. My experience and expertise are in the following domains: 

✓ Languages: JavaScript/ES6/ES7, Typescript

 ✓ Frontend Frameworks/Libraries: React.js, Redux, Redux Toolkit, Material design, Tailwind css and Ant design

✓ Backend Frameworks/Libraries: Node.js, Express.js, Graphql/Apollo Server

✓ Web: HTML5, CSS3/Sass/LESS/Styled Components/Bootstrap

✓ Databases: MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL 

✓ VCS: Git, Gitlab 

✓ OS: Unix/Linux, macOS

✓ Other skills: JSON, AJAX,, APIs (integration and development), parsers, crawlers, browser extensions, etc.

I'm a reliable goal-driven person and I want everything to be in order. I am responsible and initiative team-member, result-oriented.

I have analytical skills and ability to solve medium and complex problems. I always provide the high-quality project.


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