I will do from any e.g. SEO keyword research for Google, keyword research for blog posts, website keyword research, competitor keyword research, etc.

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NOTE:- Kindly do not order before having a conversation with me before. I work only on selective niches, industry domains, etc.

My job is to provide you a potential list of 10 long-tail keywords for SEO for your business, portfolio website

People ask me why a list of 10 Keywords for SEO?

In the world of SEO, not every time you can take advantage of keywords already optimized and ranked by your competition. A potential list of keywords for SEO means you have something to tap especially a segment your competition has left or is unaware of.

Can a small list of Keywords for SEO be enough?

Sometimes it requires only one keyword phrase to bring potential viral traffic. It is contextual and subject to a business domain or niche. Quality or Potentiality of Keyword matters instead of quantity.

Why me?

Because I will brainstorm, check by myself the validity of keyword phrases with business intent and manual competition marking.

Who am I?

I am a BS Computer Science, MBA Marketing qualified and already an experienced search engine marketing professional.

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SEO Professional who is both an employee and a freelancer. BS Computer Science and MBA Marketing qualified. 



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