I will design erd, write sql queries, clean database, db management

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You know you love to play with data. You know how to play with.

Are you tired of extracting data figuring out the queries from Google?
Are you confused and overwhelmed by the schema?
Are you not sure if your query contains the data that you wanted?
Are you tired of not figuring out the SQL queries?
If that is the case, then let me help you. I can help you with the following: 
Database Design consultation, Query optimization, Error fixing, Data management, ERD Design, Optimization, New Queries, Extraction of Data, Stored Procedures, Database design logic, Jobs in MSSQL.

P.S I provide training as well

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Advanced knowledge of Business Intelligence tools, experienced in cleaning, organizing, validating data from various sources. Transforming and generating actionable insights from the data through scripting in Python & SQL. Presenting information through reports and visualization using analytical tools for KPIs and data driven projects. Bridging the gap between technical and business teams, by translating requirements, to align data points and strategies. 


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