I will design social media posts for your social media accounts based on your product or services.

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Social Media is a critical tool used to outreach audiance, especially when your business is e-commerce based. i will design social media posts for you, keying in the factos like what the comapny is about, what you guys sell, your target audiance and brand identity. i am an intermediate level designer. Here is my portfolio link, check it out and hit me up.

portfolio link: https://owlmedia.wixsite.com/digiportfolio

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I inspire to be a visual artist and illustrator. Communication through visualization and illustrations is an art of expression and I tend to explore that expression to entertain, interact, influence and educate audience. I graduated from Limkokwing University Malaysia, my experience in a foreign country has made me to learn and grow, not only in my profession but also as a person. I am keen on bringing my expertise and skill set to explore industrial practices in Pakistan.


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Shumail Tariq
- 2 years ago

Amazing service, very quick and the designs are good too. He takes your own preferences into account.